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End Small Talk: Have a Nice Day
Something about the way his eyes seem to be registering confusion and his smile desperately tries convey understanding of small talk; his gentle attempt to end whatever 'this'  is as swiftly as possible. His orders never change, it's like predicting the hunger of a child's meals. One package of Camel Turkish Golds. One particular protein bar. One Evian water bottle.
He goes home and he drinks every third friday of the month, I know this because that's the one day his menu deviates by his purchase of a small orange juice container. Not enough to really get drunk off (depending on how strong he likes his screw drivers), but enough to say: 'World, today is my day!'
Before that though, he listens to my small talk. My horrible, stumbling, jokes made from minute observations at hand. I remember back when I hadn't known the 'Magic' on the back of his van  meant a carpet installer business, I assumed he played the game 'Magic,' telling him to 'enjoy the new expansion
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That (was) the Earth
I suppose I am me. A ship exists. The largest ever built; entirely made for replicating the  conditions of jungles on Earth. It has broken away, floating freely from where that planet had been, but I can't see it. This contraption of convincing size and scale has no windows. A faux sun rises and sets on a computer driven model far, far, above with a blue sky showing despite non existent oceans. Pixels. Only it isn't so high above: optical illusions.
So here I am, growing like the vegetation and moving as the animals implanted here do: mindlessly being led by what feels right at the time. It's too quiet. Why am I alone? My mind is whirling inside something few experience anymore: true separation. There is too much...out there...that is not me, or a relative, or anything human. Others were supposed to have come but the planet is gone now. Am I the last? I am here inside myself, talking to myself, looking out there in the green foliage and rocky spires above me and yet I
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i wish i were a boy
I wish I were a boy.
Women are not attractive to me. Boobs are just blobs of fat and cute outfits are more interesting than the females wearing them. Cooking is relaxing but also stressful pushed against both work and school- I'm taking prerequisites for a medical degree. Children are awesome, in doses.
I feel like a child.
All I want is the world to be filled with stable people who recover reasonably from emotional wounds, and drug-dependance to not exist, and pain to be minimized, murder to fade away, and rape to vanish. Most importantly, I wish addictions were harder to find and less dangerous. Sex could be something thought of, but not so nastily enjoyed. People should enjoy a wider variety of interests, learn about each other, but never expect anything more in order to really let those rare moments of thoughtfulness and inspiration touch them positively.
Instead I am a girl.
My gender walks around materialistically, sexually explicit, talking of nothing important, and doing (to my
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I gots a wacom! Therefore i should proceed with GLORIOUS FREE COMMISSIONS! (i think that's what they're called?)

Just send me a message. The only thing i won't do is:
(too) sexual stuff :eyes:

that's pretty much it. i'm sure someone will find a way to add more to this list, but until then~

ALSO, I"M LEARNING SPANISH SO IF YOU SEND A SPANISH MESSAGE WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION I WILL LOVE YOU. possibly put a bit more heart or something into a commission? Or maybe i'll just draw that one kid who was 'heart' from Captain Planet as an easter egg in a drawing.

Look at me all full of myself. i'm not very good at drawing, but i find it fun, so to anyone who finds my slightly above average stickfigures neat: send me a message : D :iconimhappyplz:

  • Listening to: that little part of my brain with pic of a muffin
  • Reading: italianz
  • Watching: THE LEGEND OF 1900
  • Eating: bubblez gums
  • Drinking: hydration stuff that i heard HYDRATEs


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